Share your concerns, your challenges and your dreams.

MICA Signature is the culmination of a rich experience in assisting some of the wealthiest families in Quebec. But above all, it is the relationship of trust that we will build together for for many years to come. A unique bond founded on empathy, honesty, simplicity and the legendary complicity that has been the MICA trademark for three generations.

Stemming from the same pattern!

There is nothing like a family of entrepreneurs to understand another. Like you, we understand the importance of the family nucleus and the duty to preserve it in its essence. Like you, we have to respect each other's similarities and differences. We share the same concerns, the same challenges and possibly the same great dreams.

You are no longer alone

Isolation is often the hallmark of the wealthy. In fact, few people can perceive the subtleties of your concerns and your state of mind. Your wealth context has been our daily focus for decades. Our team approaches wealth management not by the value of your portfolio, but first and foremost by the way you experience your wealth: your concerns, your emotions, your decisions.

Tightly woven to prevent tearing

Your dearest wish is the perpetuation of your fortune in serenity. Family cohesion quickly becomes a major factor. We have the understanding, the depth and the experience to provide the right conditions to ensure the harmony within your family nucleus, today and for generations to come. Our MICA Signature accompaniment gives you access to high-level advice covering all aspects related to this family cohesion that is so essential to everyone's well-being.

Our lips are sealed

Confidentiality is more than a commitment; it is a state of mind that guides all our actions. Not only because you demand it, but also because your issues are resolutely private. Motivations, convictions, deep-seated values, fears, uncertainties, you can discuss everything with us without restraint or constraint. This confidentiality is shared with your MICA advisor and not with the employee of an institution often affected by staff turnover. No matter the situation, your advisor remains and will always remain your first point of contact. Thus, MICA Signature takes you into another realm: that of a very personal relationship where you and your advisor share the same concerns.

Infinitely successful

In addition to the longevity of your assets, we ensure the continuity of your success while respecting what you hold dearest: your values and convictions. We are the protectors of your vision. The intergenerational transmission of who you are and what you have accomplished is an integral part of our offer. Whether it's directly in the family or in the business world, through philanthropy or any other dimension, we respectfully honor the very essence of your success.

Tailor-made durability &<span> </span>serenity

MICA Signature is a tailor-made accompaniment that bears the mark of our advanced expertise and the complicity that makes us so unique.

An enveloping family office experience with all the flexibility you desire. An approach that ensures the continuity and intergenerational transmission of your assets while preserving family coherence.


Financial products and services for individuals.


Complex financial products and services for individuals with large portfolios. Our private management services are offered through our partners.


Extensive consulting services in finance, intergenerational transfer, sale of businesses, investment, taxation, philanthropy, succession, concierge, education or any other complex aspect of large family fortunes.

A unique offer

Your strategy will be unique. Unique because it addresses equally unique issues: yours.

In fact, we reject pre-established recipes and pre-formatted solutions. We offer personalized and truly customized support, "à la carte", in close collaboration with your professionals.


It is with a global and objective vision that we set up the most efficient strategies and tools on the fiscal level, while taking into account the various legal, personal and corporate aspects.


Our global approach to simplification and our in-depth knowledge of financial products will surely seduce you. Our management vertically integrates all your entities in order to make your structure coherent and efficient.


Minimal risk to your family and your business guides our strategies. All critical parameters are considered in order to minimize your risk exposure.


We will guide you to the most appropriate vehicle: the one that will allow you to leave an indelible mark on the works or organizations that are most important to you.


Our coaching approach helps you maintain and preserve the harmony of the family dynamic, without setting aside individual needs.


With us, there are no "in-house" products. Therefore, there are no conflicts of interest in this regard. Our strategies are based on an established investment policy that is consistent, efficient, safe and simple. We focus on customized investment solutions and products that take into account only your situation and your needs. Not ours.